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  1. Full harness

    Full harness

    Ref. A404C
    Full harness with straps for hiking on steep inclines. Learn More
  2. Luggage netting

    Luggage netting

    Ref. A403C
    Height: 43 cm Width: 30 to 45 cm Extendible using an elastic fastener Learn More
  3. Adaptor Ultreïa Rando

    Adaptor Ultreïa Rando

    Ref. A411P
    Adaptor for converting the hiking trailer into a bike trailer. This option consists of a tubular draw bar with a diameter of 25 mm, fitted with a support that is attached underneath the saddle, to allow upwards/downwards and right/left rotation, as in a hitch ball type mechani ... Learn More

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  4. Adaptor Ultreïa Cyclo

    Adaptor Ultreïa Cyclo

    Ref. A401P
    Adaptor for converting the bike trailer into a hiking trailer. This option consists of 2 arms fitted with foam handles and 2 snap hooks, and a belt so that you can tow the hiking trailer with the minimum of effort. Delivered without plastic crate. Learn More

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  5. Ultreïa Cyclo bike

    Ultreïa Cyclo bike

    Ref. A710P
    The Ultreïa Cyclo bike trailer hitches underneath the saddle on a high/low, right/left support system, hitch ball type. This articulated system provides greater flexibility when towing over holes in the ground, round bends, etc... A tubular frame which can hold a bag, a cr ... Learn More

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  6. Ultreïa Rando hiking trailer

    Ultreïa Rando hiking trailer

    Ref. A700P
    The Ultreïa Rando hiking trailer can be partially taken apart in 1 minute and completely dismantled in 5 minutes. It allows you to carry up to 30 kg with ease. The ideal load to have on you is 2 kg around your belt (no more, no less). This adjustment is done by balancin ... Learn More

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