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Advantages of Ultreïa Cyclo

Can be used on any sort of track or road.

Allows you to move over difficult terrain (holes, stones, etc.) thanks to its large wheel-diameter: 30 cm

The load can be adjusted over the axle to provide the best balance for the bag that is being carried. There are 3 possible positions.

The cradle which accommodates the bag is conical in shape so that the rucksack can sit firmly in its natural position.

Nevertheless, the trailer does come with an accessory to make the cradle rectangular in shape for holding any type of box with a maximum width of 40 cm, for example a fishing box, a crate, or a shopping basket. 

There is a soft plastic bottom to protect the bag or box being carried from water and/or mud.

As an optional extra, you can buy our adaptor ref. A411C  for converting the bike trailer into a hiking trailer.